Resources to Build Your World (from Paper)

There are so many awesome creators on the Internet, and it would be tantamount to madness to try and list them all. Thus, I will add as I have time and come across them at the right moment, and if you think someone ought to be on this list feel free to let me know.

In the future I want to get some kind of system or filter going for these, so you can chose what you want. Until then, I will build this list the old-school way – as a list. I have one more favor to ask, though. If you find something here and enjoy it, please share it, because sharing is caring!

Paper Miniatures

  • Dryw’s Imperfect Miniatures Page 1 and Page 2 – a huge number of free sets, including moss men, necromancers, frost giants and barbarians, to name but a few. There are also some scenerie pieces further down.
  • Printable Heroes – great selection of miniatures. You can get a number of them for free, but he uses Patreon where you can (and should) support him and get more variations and other benefits in retugn.
  • Trash Mob Minis – another vast collection of different paper minis, including monsters as well as potential heros or NPCs. He also has some 2.5d designs where you can add extra features (like wings) to some minis.
  • Paper Forge – yet another source for high quality miniatures. Also on Patreon where you can get additional colors and other benefits as well.
  • Okumarts – If you are looking for something a other than general fantasy, you will probably find what you are looking for here. Again, he can also be found on Patreon.


  • JP’s Creations – Not a mini maker per se, but you can get sets from some of those mentioned above printed and laser cut from here. I have not made use of his service (mainly due to shipping), but I can recommend it!


Paper Scenery

  • Fat Dragon Games –
  • Works Works Games – while the company is no longer active, they still have a lot of intersting sets on their site. I have personally been using their TerrainLinks system for a while, and I find it a useful way to quickly build scenes. There are other systems out there, and other methods of making them versatile, but I have grown to like it.
  • David Gaffam –
  • Lord Zsezse Works –


Paper Maps

  • no entries yet – check back later!


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