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In this category of how-tos, you will find articles about the nature and use of gaming aids in general and those made from paper in particular.

Why do I need How-Tos for Paper Models?

Several reasons. Obviously, they need to be built. I have said it before and I will again, these models and miniatures are easy to make, but it does not hurt to know how. They mostly come with instructions (I know all of mine do), but there are still different techniques and approaches that you might want to read up about.

Secondly, the idea behind all this is to be inspired, and there are certainly more and less traditional ways to use any given piece. You can modify paper miniatures easily, and there are a number of ways to go about that, too.

Paper scenery also comes with an obvious way to use, but there is always so much more, and it cannot hurt to hear about some others ideas. In turn, maybe you can come up with a use no one has thought about before. In that case, I hope you let me know so that I can share it!

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